Through our own technological solutions we optimize the performance of marketing actions.

Clickpoint uses a proprietary technology called 3C (Clickpoint Control Centre) for the purpose of spreading client campaigns over various types of media and devices. The platform is focused on optimization and results. It also offers the option to launch a campaign, adjusting to the compensation system required by your marketing objectives.

Segmentation by interest

DMPs (Data Management Platforms) are used to store and manage audience data, and our technology allows to deliver campaign with maximum precision. We can impact the most relevant users based on their interests and their history.


Clickpoint facilitates the monitoring of conversions through a solid and reliable technology based on Cookie and Fingerprint. Fingerprint can completely substitute the use of cookies – considered invasive by the users – and offers the monitoring of conversions in real time.


Our platform allows us to deliver and monitor our clients’ campaigns. The adserving technology was created with optimization and performance logics, allowing the diffusion of campaigns according to different revenue models.


Our retargeting technology allows tracking for repeating ad impressions to users who have not finalized an action (i.e. a lead or a purchase). This technology makes it possible to reach the same user and display ads in which the user has already showed interest.

ad formats

Our platform supports all of the IAB formats, for example, medium rectangle, leaderboard, etc. In addition, it is possible to integrate Rich Media formats that allow combined text, images and videos, pop-under, video ads, mobile, Facebook ads and custom formats designed according to client needs.

reports & tools

We offer a series of reports for real-time control of traffic and conversions with the objective of analyzing the campaign results and history. We have APIs in standard XML format to access the statistics, product data feeds in different formats and custom data-feeds.


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