Performance Marketing

We can manage multichannel campaigns based on results.


According to the objectives in your online marketing plan, we can manage multichannel campaigns based on results, which will be compensated depending on actions taken by the users: Click (we generate interest and the user accesses your site), Lead (the user will request more information through a form), Sale (sales generated).

Through in-house tools and thanks to more than 5000 international partners, Clickpoint will focus attention on your products or services in order to achieve the desired objectives as quickly as possible.

• Mobile App CPI – Cost Per Install
We can advertise your Mobile App within your performance marketing scheme. We offer our clients the possibility to promote App downloads and pay only for new users, on a CPI basis (Cost Per Install).


Multichannel platform

Email, Retargeting, Contextual, Vertical Sites, Cashbacks, Loyalties, Voucher Codes, Social Networks, Mobile.

real-time technology

that allows the precise monitoring of the campaign and its results.

Ad Server Clickpoint

that supports a wide series of standard IAB banner formats and many other custom formats: video banner, images and text, microsites, commercials, newsletter, pop-under, mobile and Facebook ads.

A team of professionals

focused on results manages and optimizes the campaigns.



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